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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2013 10:31am-10:35am EDT

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bill will be different in significant ways. i am interested in this topic. i have led the effort in the senate. trying to change the immigration laws to encourage side andon the stem trying to create these is --ced our cap entrepreneurs for startup entrepreneurs. -- agn active states state senator. it is clearly there. , they are focused on a farm bill. it is something that i think there is an open-minded to. the issue for me is i think i have to be convinced that anything we passed is not
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encourage more illegal behavior. i am not convinced yet. my focus in myy office and me has been much more the farm bill. we know the bill has come out of the. there are details. we are studying them. therer rubio has said will be significant changes on the floor if this bill is to pass the senate. >> you looked at the polling numbers after 2012. and republicans fail to reach an agreement, which party would that hurt the most? i have had this fear that there may be democrat strategist who decide that if we can keep immigration reform changessing, if we can
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the words and make it difficult or impossible for republican senators to find a satisfactory, then we can keep the issue around and lame republicans for the loss. i think immigration reform, this any think weg, reform seems to get worse and not better. changes in the laws are better for our country from a national security perspective and the economic perspective and from a humane perspective. of the a resolution broad issues that face immigration policy in this country. it is not the case that there is this effort to politicize this issue even further. , ithe part of republicans is important for us to be supportive of making changes in our immigration system.
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also think it is important for us to reach out to hispanic and s that have the opportunity for us to connect with. passing a bill, if that is all we do, we will have failed. to own nails that all politics is local. politics is personal. i continue to encourage republican senators to reach out and have conversations with their minority community. >> going back to what you said earlier. what does this say to you about the structure of the republican party? marco rubio and others are looking or a margin for this bill. in the house there is a lot less certainty. wha>>


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